Our services are grouped into five key areas:


“I have worked hard all my life, made some smart financial decisions and built wealth. I’m looking for trustworthy people to manage my finances going forward, so I can invest my time in the things I love doing most.”

Our key focus is to gain a full understanding of your long-term financial and lifestyle objectives. We will assist you in developing effective strategies that will not only build your wealth over time, but give you the freedom to focus on enjoying life.

We like to understand how you want your wealth to benefit other family members or charities, for example, whether this be now or in the future. With this insight, we will be able to strategically manage your finances to best serve your needs.


“I am focussed on building wealth for my family. I need the reassurance that I am pursuing the best financial strategy and taking advantage of all opportunities available.”

When developing your strategic plan, we look to identify investment strategies customised to your values, risk concerns and preferences and immediate and long-term financial goals. We achieve this using a blend of investments such as direct shares, bonds, managed funds, property and alternative assets.

Our access to extensive and independent research, combined with our economic insight, enables us to source the optimal investment opportunities for you.

As a critical part of this strategic process, we assist you in minimising your tax position over time through the identification and use of appropriate structures, including superannuation funds, family trusts, companies and partnerships.

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and effectively to changes in your circumstances and are able to adjust your financial strategy when needed.

You can watch your wealth accumulate, knowing your investment strategy is professionally managed and on track, with the flexibility to choose the level of your involvement.


“I have a few assets but now I really need to tie it all together and have an investment strategy in place with clear financial goals.”

Our team is dedicated to partnering with you and helping you to create a financial roadmap that meets your objectives.

We aim to work on a continuous basis with your accountant, superannuation administrator and solicitor as required, to develop and improve upon superannuation and gearing strategies and create budgets and cash flow assessments to optimise saving.

We will help you to begin the journey to achieving your financial goals by creating an appropriate investment portfolio, matched to your investment profile and targets – and, importantly, we’ll work with you to make sure you stay on track.

You can feel confident in knowing that your portfolio is being effectively managed to continue to grow your wealth.


“I’ve worked hard to build capital and I don’t want to lose it. I want to feel confident that my assets are secure.”

Our team has the expertise to formulate and implement strategies designed to safeguard your wealth and keep your family’s financial future secure.

We explore ways to reduce risk and recommend diversifying your investment assets in order to protect your asset base over the long term.

We identify structures that help to safeguard your assets from litigation and we also offer various life insurance strategies to protect both you and those closest to you including death cover, total and permanent disability cover, income protection and trauma insurance.

You can be assured that your wealth is in safe hands and that your financial future is protected.


“As I’m getting older, I’m thinking more about what will happen with my assets in the future.”

We help put plans in place to ensure your wealth leaves a lasting legacy for your family and other beneficiaries you identify.

We help you to organise your estate, determine powers of attorney or guardians and inheritances. We will work closely with your solicitor to ensure estate documents are in order so that transfers of the right asset, to the right beneficiary, are made at the right time.

You can have confidence that with us, your objectives and wishes are respected and adhered to.

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